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Cocktail Academy, Video Guide

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#### Special Launch Price 30% off ####Cocktail Academy, The first Professional Cocktail Video Guide.The first professional APP to create cocktails: Cocktail Academy is your complete guide to cocktails, the only one that offers you tutorial videos. The APP has been created for a worldwide distribution: that’s why it is available in English and Italian. The app is designed for everyone. Do you enjoy mixing up cocktails? Are you a home host? Are you a bartender? This is your app! The tutorials are an effective learning tool.Cocktail Academy consists of 110 cocktails, with the possibility of sharing your preferred drink on social networks. Each cocktail lists the necessary ingredients, calories and the strength; it is also included the recipe of the cocktail and the corresponding video tutorial.The cocktail search can be made through the following fields:- Alphabetical Order- Spirits (Gin, Rum,… )- Strength - Calories- RecipesCocktails are made by the bartender Gianfranco Di Niso, worldwide champion; you can find his biography in the APP.
Cocktail Academy has been created by Cinehollywood Srl (, in cooperation with Gianfranco Di Niso ( ), and developed by the company ItaliaMultimedia (